Colleen Sarkossian
Colleen Sarkossian




Liam Court (Son)


Finn Court (Ex-husband)
Jeffrey Sarkossian (Husband)

Portrayed By:

Sarah Madison

First Appearance:

To Sext or Not to Sext

Last Appearance:

Smoked Turkey

Colleen Sarkossian is a recurring character in the second and fourth seasons of 90210 and is portrayed by Sarah Madison.

Character Overview

She is the mother of Liam Court. She got pregnant with Finn Court's baby and, in order to take care of the baby after Finn left her, she got a job as a housekeeper. She got involved with a rich plastic surgeon named Jeffrey Sarkossian, eventually marrying him.


Season 2

She is seen for the first time in "To Sext or Not to Sext" when Jen Clark goes to her house to talk with her about her fabricated story of Liam stalking Naomi Clark after their break-up. Liam gets mad with Colleen for believing Jen. Later, after Liam hurt his hand after hitting on Naomi's glass door, Colleen takes care of him and keeps it a secret from Jeffrey. During the rest of the season, she has problems with Liam's behaviour.

Later, Liam finds out that Jeffrey is cheating on Colleen and tells her, hoping she was going to divorce him, but she decides to stay with him. In the season finale, Liam reveals to her that he was the one who stole Jeffrey's coins and gave them to Finn, at which point Liam was kicked out of the house.

Season 4

She comes back in "Smoked Turkey" in time for Thanksgiving. She makes a surprise visit to Liam and tells him she is done with Jeffrey and wants to start over. By accident, Annie Wilson picks up her cell phone and discovers that Jeffrey is still in the picture. She decides to tell Liam, who confronts Colleen about lying to him. She reveals that she wants to leave him, but she needs money to do it and only reached out for financial assistance. Angered by this, Liam gives her the money and tells her to not come back to meddle in his life, presumably cutting his ties with her permanently.

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