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Jane Mcdohpy
Jane Mcdohpy.png


Jim Mcdohpy (Husband)
Liam Court (Ex-girlfriend)

Portrayed By:

Kristina Apgar

First Appearance:

Rush Hour

Last Appearance:

Party Politics

Jane Mcdohpy is a recurring character in the fourth season of 90210 and is portrayed by Kristina Apgar.

Character Overview

Jane is a 20-year-old widow from Alaska. She is a quiet beauty torn apart by guilt.


Season 4

In "Rush Hour" Jane comes from Alaska and tells Liam Court to keep the bar. At the beach bar Jane tells Liam that it wasn't his fault that Jim died. She wants to stay in town to catch up but Liam says he wants to move on. Liam tells Jane he's falling for her at her hotel room and they kiss.

Jane books a flight home to Alaska as it turns out that she is pregnant and her late husband is the baby's father. Adrianna Tate-Duncan, who knows the news promises she will not say a word to Liam. Before leaving, Liam finds Jane and tells her he doesn't want her to leave. He wants them to be together and raise this baby together. After talking with Jane about apartments, she tells him she needs to go back to Alaska to file her husband's death certificate for insurance money that they need for the bar.

Jim shows up at the bar and surprises Liam and Jane. They proceed to take a long walk on the beach and Jim leads them to believe that he is in the dark about their little romance and Liam and Jane agree that it's best not to let him in on the "secret." But after Adrianna exposes Jim in his lie to Liam, Liam gets all fired up and engages Jim in a fight until Jane gets pushed into a wall and Liam blurts out that she's pregnant that the boys seem to come to their senses. They decide to push their boyish ways behind them. Liam is happy to have his friend back and agrees to let Jane go.