Season 4 Episode 2 of 90210. Naomi gets released from jail. Annie, Ivy, and Naomi clean up Naomi's house the morning after the party. Naomi is trying to move on from Max because she believes he never loved her. She joins a sorority with Annie to try and fit in and move on. Adrianna is in a vulnerable place after being rejected by Silver and all her old friends again. She mistakes a one night stand with Dixon's roommate for a relationship and stays tries to move in with them. Navid and Silver are trying to adjust to having a kid to take care of but when Leila runs away then gets kidnapped they are faced with a big dilemma that puts their relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Liam is trying to get over the embarrassment of getting rejected after proposing to Annie but someone from Liam's time during the summer comes and puts Liam in a bad situation. Annie is trying to move on from Liam and starts getting close to another boy from college. Dixon get's a great opportunity to work with a really famous producer but after his friends keep visiting him for advice and help he struggles on having time to work on the music.

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