Sydney Price
Sydney Price


Campbell Price (Stepson)


Erick Price (Ex-husband)
Liam Court (Affair)

Portrayed By:

Melissa Ordway

First Appearance:

Life's a Beach

Last Appearance:

We All Fall Down

Sydney Price is a recurring character in the fifth season of 90210 and is portrayed by Melissa Ordway.

Character Overview

Sydney is a housewife who is trying to get all of her husbands money. She eventually emigrates to Australia.


Season 5

Sydney is a married woman who whom Liam Court has an affair. She was also Campbell Price's stepmother.

She first appears in "Life's a Beach", where she becomes an investor in Liam's surf company. Later on, she and Liam hook up and she tells him that she's married, as well as being Campbell's stepmother. By the end of the episode, Liam tells her that he doesn't care about her being married.

She's next seen in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl", where Liam finds out that she's been using him to get her stepson's money.

In "You Can't Win 'Em All", she comes to see Liam and tells him that she's leaving her husband, she didn't take his money and doesn't matter about it anymore. She's looking for a fresh start in Australia, but wants a second chance with him. 

In the season finale, after finding out that Liam had lied to Annie Wilson about getting old Salty's signature, Sydney figures out that Liam is still in love with Annie. She tells him to read the end of Annie's book and give it another try.

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